Warning: This project is a work in progress. Do not use it at this time. It will probably have frequent breaking changes, major bugs and might well start hiding your clean socks when you are late for an appointment.

hulo: a log for humans.

Your code has commit messages,
capture all the other stuff with hulo.

When working on large or multiple projects, keep track of what you were thinking when you last looked at the code. With hulo you can commit a simple log file along with your code and use the handy command-line tool to update it with the latest meat-space thinking around the project.

Install hulo

Hulo is installed via the NPM package through NPM. For more information see the NPM installation and upgrade instructions

$ npm i hulo -g

Log it

Hulo will log your message to hulo.db file stored in your user directory.

$ hulo log "I love hulo!"

Read it

$ hulo last

Read it (coming soon)

  • last log at current directory
  • last log at on current branch
  • last log at on branch xxxx
  • last log at on current repo
  • last log at on repo xxxx
  • last log by me
  • last log by xxxxx

Read the last 3

$ hulo last 3

Count it

$ hulo count coffee 1


Context aware

Along with the message hulo will record the date and time, the current working directory from where you logged the message.

Git aware

If the message was logged in a git repository, hulo will also record repository name and branch.

All this information will help you pull out the right information when you need it